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About Us
Derbyn Consulting is committed to providing your small to medium-sized business with quality technology solutions. We bridge the gap between the upper-level business user and the high-tech resources used to implement those solutions. Our websites are professional looking and content-driven without the flashy glitz many web designers are producing today.
Our motto is Sine Macula, an old family motto meaning "without mistake". That's what you can expect from us!
Derbyn's Founders:
Cris has been building interactive websites for 10 years, and after a 3 year assignment with a large commercial bank, he worked for a Fortune 500 risk management consulting firm for 5 years. He has a Masters degree in Corporate Finance.
Dale has studied acting for 12 years, and is completing a Masters degree in Dramatic Art at San Jose State University. Her Master's thesis revolves around her Shakespeare website,

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